The Best Easel for Beginners in 2022

The best easels for painting can improve the quality of your art, as well as preventing shoulder, neck and back pain. So whether you're a professional artist, a total beginner, or somewhere in between, they're well worth the investment. So how do you pick the best easel for your specific needs? Well, first think about where you paint. If you travel often, or do a lot of plein air work, you'll want something nice and portable. So the best easel for you will be light, easy to collapse, and not too bulky.  If you always paint in one place, though – your home or studio, for example – then those things become less important. In fact, you'll probably prefer an easel that's robust, heavyweight and stable. (Unless, of course, you're working in a small space or need to store your easel away at the end of the day.)

“When choosing an easel, you'll also have to think about the canvas you like working on, and whether you prefer standing up or sitting down”

Also think about the canvas you like working on, and whether you prefer standing up or sitting down. That will determine how tall your easel will need to be, and how much you'll need to adjust it.

We've gathered together the best easels for painting below, starting with the best easels for painting in the US. However, if you're on the other side of the pond, jump straight to the AMAZON shop of MEEDEN.

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01. MEEDEN Large Studio H-frame Easel

This MEEDEN studio art easel is a great mid-point for a lot of artists’ needs. The overall functionality is great, as an H-frame easel will give you a more stable easel to work on. The wheels make it easy to move around the studio as needed. 

You can also convert it into a horizontal easel, which gives you a wealth of options when it comes to your medium. Convertible easels are perfect for watercolour painting or just as extra table space. 

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02. MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel

Well-constructed from solid beechwood, this medium-sized, wooden H-Frame is one of the best easels on the market today. 2 wheels underneath makes it easy to wheel it around your studio to find the best light. Adjustable from 59" (150cm) to 95" (240cm) while tilting in vertical, holding canvas art up to 77" (196cm)

And that's not all! There's two units to hold your artworks up and down to make the referencing easier and smoother.

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03.MEEDEN Artist Plein Air Pochade Box

This all in one adjustable pochade box was designed for travelling.With a sturdy aluminium tripod,it can be used as Plein air like a french easel for outdoor painting.With the rubber bumpers on the bottom, it can be used as a small tabletop easel for indoor studio use as well. Its versatility enables you to paint anywhere you like.

And more, with three parts large storage space with removable dividers.Including one wood palette by sliding and a paint brush holder.You can aslo carry 3-4pcs in size 8" x 10" to 9" x 12" canvas panels at the box bottom.

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04.MEEDEN Extra Large Studio Professional Artist Easel

Here is the choice when you get a generous budget. The single-pole design will not only be that accent furniture in your art space, but a versatile tool for any kind of technique you choose.

This easel enables you to do large scale works up to 71” high, is available with a 20" height adjustable canvas holder tray which could be used to rest supplies or a palette while working, is also equipped with a firm quad base supports for adding stability and strong canvas-resting arms for comfortable painting.

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05.MEEDEN Large Adjustable Artist Tabletop Sketchbox Easel

If you're short on space, or just don't like painting standing up, you may be looking for a smaller easel that can fit on a table. In which case, this lovingly-made, compact H-frame is just the job. Solidly constructed from beechwood – making it a stable base for working on tables.

This light and portable H-frame easel is easy to carry around, and it measures just 16.5'' W x 11''D x 5'' H when folded down. It's nice and easy to assemble, and very affordable too. 

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06.MEEDEN Basic Large Lyre Easel

Looking for some practical ideas about your first easel? Here is the MEEDEN basic lyre easel which could be adjusted from 63" to 89" in height, holds canvas up to 48". Two colors(nature wood/walnut) to choose in a very practical prize range.

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07.MEEDEN 142-piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set with Aluminum and Solid Beech Wood Easel

Total 142-pieces artist paint set, all elementary painting mediums, materials, supplies & tools included. All-round painting kit contains field metal & beech tabletop wood 2 easels, 108pcs paint tubes, 8Pcs 11"x14" & 10"x10" & 8"x10" canvas panels with 2 colors each, 15pcs paintbrushes with 2 pcs oil spatula knives, 1pc color wheel.

Gift idea? No clue of starting your art journey? Or just want it all? You got it.

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08.MEEDEN Tripod Field Painting Easel with Carrying Case

Looking for a classic A-frame easel? Then we recommend the MEEDEN Tripod Easel. Expertly handcrafted from seasoned beechwood, with high-quality steel fittings, it's strong, stable and durable. It's capable of holding a canvas up to 31 inches (79cm) high, there's a handy ledge for your brushes and paints, and the frame can be adjusted to a multitude of positions.

It folds away nice and easily too, the reasonable price makes this an excellent value choice for both home, studio, and outdoor. All this in consideration, the MEEDEN Tripod Easel is one of the best A-frame easels for painting we've seen.

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How do you choose the best easel?

There are many factors which dictate what kind of easel will be best for you. The first is where you paint. If it's always going to be in the studio, you'll want an easel that's as sturdy as possible, however heavy that makes it. (Although if you plan to move it around the room to capture the light, you'll want it to be on wheels.) If you mainly paint outdoors, though, you'll want a lighter easel that's easy to collapse and carry around. Too lightweight and flimsy, though, and it might tip over in a strong wind, so there's a balance to be struck there.

The overall size of your easel will depend on how big a canvas you like to work on, and what height you like to paint at. So it's important to check the dimensions of any easel before you buy it, measure this out with a tape measure, and make sure you're not going to be stooped over or stretching up too much. 

Most easels are adjustable, but only within a certain range, so take that into account too. Also, if use a heavy canvas, a lot of thick paint, and/or heavy collage pieces, think about the amount of weight your easel will need to support.

Finally, consider how you paint. If you like to be energetic, lively and passionate with your strokes, you may need something pretty sturdy to hold everything in place. Conversely, if your approach is more gentle and quiet, you'll be fine with a more lightweight frame.

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